Talk to Burt

If there is something on your mind, you can talk to Burt. E-mails are free and a response is guaranteed. If you prefer, Burt offers Skype sessions in return for donations of $CAN 150-300. (Clients are asked to respect that this is his main source of income.)

Whatever is troubling you, you may find Burt able to help. He does not have a course to sell you, or any ulterior motive; his motive is love and awareness, and your embracing of these as a means to free yourself of whatever is causing you distress.

E-mail Burt Arrange Skype session

You can get in touch with Burt at the following address:

Your comments will then be addressed in a future video, or in a Zoom/Skype session which you can book.

You can also get in touch with and follow Burt on social media:

To arrange a Skype session with Burt we ask that you first make a donation, via PayPal. This is normally in the region of $CAD150-300 for an hour's session, but whatever you can give is OK.

After doing so, please complete the following form. Burt will then reply with a time (Pacific time) to meet on Skype:

Example e-mails

Some examples of the e-mails he receives, and his responses, are provided below. You may find them helpful in relation to your own situation.