A weekend retreat with Burt Harding
22-24th March 2019, Krishnamurti Educational Center of Canada

In this 3-day retreat we explore the mystery of love. Something opens and melts inside and we welcome this warm feeling into the very bosom of our heart where it becomes alive, miraculous %u2013 it becomes a pathway to the divine.

Follow these transforming pointers to love, expressed by Krishnamurti as the ending of time. Experience and recognize this wonderful presence of love and know it as always having been present. Enrich your life in simple ways by accepting this warm invitation from Burt Harding.

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The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.- The Buddha


Burt writes articles on the subject of self discovery, of ascending the ego and recognising its forms, of love.

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If there is something on your mind, you can talk to Burt. E-mails are free and a response is guaranteed. If you prefer, Burt offers Skype sessions in return for donations of $CAN 80-150. (Clients are asked to respect that this is his main source of income.)

Some examples of the e-mails he receives, and his responses, are provided below.